A city spokesman announced that the waiting time for an appointment is currently five to seven days

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19 mei 2020
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A city spokesman announced that the waiting time for an appointment is currently five to seven days

A city spokesman announced that the waiting time for an appointment is currently five to seven days

In other districts of the Trier region there is only the container system for organic waste. The Südwestrundfunk (SWR) had previously reported on the decision of the district council.

The number of confirmed corona infected people in Rhineland-Palatinate rose by 27 within a day. That was fewer than the day before when there were 42 new cases. As the Ministry of Health in Mainz announced on Sunday, a total of 8141 corona cases have been registered in the state (as of 10:00 a.m.). 242 people died in connection with the coronavirus, this number has not increased. According to the census, 586 people in Rhineland-Palatinate are currently infected.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, too, there have recently been delays in the transmission of the results of the corona tests – for example in Trier. It is difficult to publish all negative results promptly, said the head of the health department for Trier and Trier-Saarburg, Harald Michels, on Saturday the German press agency. This is also due to the fact that everything is done with paper. All positive cases were informed immediately – “we are very close to the people,” said Michels. “It’s not the same here as in Bavaria. We just don’t manage to publish the negative results promptly.” The ZDF had previously reported on the delays.

In Trier, the head of the office had already increased its staff on Saturday. “Today it’s our turn with at least eight people, and on Monday it’s our turn with even more people. Then it will be dealt with quickly.” The abundance of tests leads to a delay in work. “It’s not because of our goodwill,” emphasized Michels. The federal government is responsible for the structure. It is urgently necessary that the German electronic reporting and information system “be brought up to date so that it works”.

By Friday evening, 4545 tests had been carried out on returning travelers at the station at a motorway rest area near Trier. There were five positive cases by Friday noon.

The Ministry of Social Affairs in Mainz announced on Sunday: “The four health authorities in the districts in which the respective test stations are located will immediately inform all people who have tested positive as well as the responsible health authorities at their places of residence.” This happens “usually within two days of the test. This important, immediate notification of positive test results runs smoothly.” Returners who tested negative would be informed “usually within three to four days” if they had given an email address. If not, add the duration of the letter delivery.

At the weekend there were many tests at the test station at the Markusberg rest area, said Günther Schartz, the district administrator of the Trier-Saarburg district. The increased workload will be processed by additional staff at the weekend. “We are working flat out and additional employees to work through the findings that are still available. We are confident that this will be achieved in the course of Monday.”

After a total of three corona cases, the reception facility for asylum seekers (AfA) in Hermeskeil (Trier-Saarburg district) has been completely quarantined. For the 519 residents currently housed there, a general ban on going out now applies, the Supervision and Service Directorate (ADD) Trier announced on Thursday. A quarantine period of two weeks is expected. There is also an admission freeze.

On Tuesday, a young resident tested positive for Corona. As a result, 43 contact persons were identified who were immediately isolated. Two more corona virus infections were confirmed among them on Wednesday. Those who tested positive are doing well so far, said the ADD spokesman. These are the first corona cases in an AfA in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.arguementive essay topics

The spokesman for the Trier-Saarburg district administration, Thomas Müller, is currently in the process of determining the contact persons of the two most recently confirmed newly infected people. How many people should still be tested is currently being voted on. The district administration ordered the quarantine after the positive test results on Wednesday afternoon.

The ADD announced that the care of the residents in the initial reception in Hermeskeil was also ensured under the given circumstances. A concept is being worked on how the residents can move outside their rooms. In any case, there will be employment and social care in the next two weeks, said the spokesman. The people housed in the AfA Hermeskeil come mainly from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The ADD has 23 employees in the facility in Hermeskeil, said spokesman Nikolai Zaplatynski from the ADD. You could go on to your workplace, but should avoid social contact in private as much as possible. In addition, there are 40 employees from the German Red Cross and the immigration authorities in Hermeskeil.

In Rhineland-Palatinate there are currently four reception centers for asylum seekers: in addition to Hermeskeil, they are in Kusel, Speyer and Trier. At the end of July a total of 1715 people were housed there. The ADD is responsible nationwide for the initial reception of people seeking protection.

The Corona crisis caused a further increase in unemployment in Saarland in August. A total of 41,800 people were without a job, 200 or 0.5 percent more than in July, as the regional directorate of the employment agency announced on Tuesday in Saarbrücken. Compared to August of the previous year, unemployment was 23 percent higher. The unemployment rate was unchanged from the previous month at 7.8 percent. In August 2019, it was 6.4 percent.

According to the agency, 11,600 companies in the country have so far registered short-time work in the corona pandemic, and these advertisements indicated over 160,700 employees. But that does not mean that all companies have also implemented short-time working. According to the latest projections, according to the regional directorate, 8,200 companies implemented short-time work for 85,600 employees in April.

In the past four weeks, unemployment has increased, especially among young people and the long-term unemployed, said Heidrun Schulz, head of the Rhineland-Palatinate-Saarland regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency. This year, many young women and men ended their vocational training later because the exam dates had been postponed. Those who could not be taken on by the training company reported late to the employment agency.

Young people on the move into professional life, however, still have good chances of finding an apprenticeship position despite the Corona crisis.According to the information, around 1500 registered apprenticeship positions were not yet taken in August, including mainly for the professions of salesperson, dental assistant and Cook. There would be 1000 applicants without a trainee place.

In the first days of school after the summer holidays, there were several cases of mass quarantine in Rhineland-Palatinate due to corona infections. A high school in the Westerwald sent 60 students and four teachers home because of a confirmed infection. A pupil in the 13th grade of the Mons-Tabor-Gymnasium had initially tested negative for the new corona virus after her family trip to a risk area and came to class, said school principal Armin Pleiss on Wednesday of the German press agency. A second test several days later, which the health department of the Westerwaldkreis insists on returning to risk areas, had a positive result. The “Rhein-Zeitung” had previously reported on it.

Pleiss also told the dpa that the quarantine of the 60 13th grade students and four teachers was planned up to and including August 31. Meanwhile, everyone would be tested twice for Corona. In a letter from parents, Pleiss said: “We would indeed have imagined starting school differently, but we are confident that we will keep the situation under control.” All students “will also wear prophylactic masks in class for the next two weeks in order to minimize the risk of infection, especially from people returning from traveling”. In general, at schools in Rhineland-Palatinate, a mask is only required outside of class.

In Trier, too, two students from two schools were infected with the novel corona virus. A 14-day quarantine was then ordered for 52 students and three teachers, as the Trier-Saarburg district administration announced. Affected is a lower grade class of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium as well as a class of the episcopal primary school at the cathedral.

“It is the first case after the summer vacation in a school in the area of ​​the health department Trier-Saarburg,” said District Administrator Günther Schartz (CDU). “You can see how sensitive the situation is and that’s why I appeal to all students, and of course also to the parents, to pay attention to compliance with the corona rules.”

In Koblenz, after an elementary school student was infected, his class was quarantined for two weeks, the city administration announced. The parents picked up the children who were being tested. A sibling of the infected student had already received a negative test result and can therefore continue to go to his other class according to the information. “As a purely precautionary measure, the students in this class were also tested for the coronavirus. No quarantine was ordered for this class,” reported the city administration.

The Mainz-Bingen district reported in the evening that after the positive corona test of an upper school student at a school in Sprendlingen, the classmates from his regular course were now sent to quarantine. They should now also be tested.

Further cases of corona mass quarantine at schools in Rhineland-Palatinate were not known to the school supervisory authority at the Supervision and Service Directorate (ADD) in Trier until Wednesday morning. So far, only individual students have had to stay at home elsewhere. The new school year 2020/2021 started on Monday.

If you want to go to the vehicle registration office at the moment, you have to be patient in the larger Rhineland-Palatinate cities. This applies, for example, to the state capital Mainz. The waiting time for an appointment is currently around four weeks, said a city spokesman. In the meantime it was even eight weeks because the city offices and thus also the admissions office were closed to visitors for around two months due to the corona pandemic. Now the applications have to be processed. That’s why the employees of the admissions office are currently working overtime.

In Ludwigshafen, too, the motto is: be patient. Because of the Corona rules, it has been longer since March, the city said. On average it is currently two weeks. “We are trying to clear the traffic jam through additional appointments and extending the opening times, thereby significantly reducing waiting times.”

According to the city, the waiting time for private individuals in Trier is currently around two and a half weeks. In order to minimize the risk of infection with the coronavirus, an appointment must always be made. “However, our counter capacities are limited.” The number of these is the “bottleneck”, not the processing time for the applications in the background.

It’s comparatively fast in Koblenz. “Currently the waiting time for an appointment is five to seven days,” said a city spokesman. However, there are always backlogs at the information desk, which is not only responsible for the public traffic of the vehicle registration office but also for the driver’s license office and the lost property office. Many customers have not yet got used to the fact that everything is currently only possible through an appointment.

Dozens of investigators and special forces raided seven apartments in Trier and Konz on suspicion of drug trafficking. Six people were arrested, the police said on Thursday. During the searches on Tuesday, they found around 170 ecstasy tablets, around 1.3 kilograms of marijuana and amphetamines, as well as various cutting and stabbing weapons.

The finds also included drug trafficking utensils, a small caliber pistol and a low five-digit amount of cash. Five men between the ages of 24 and 36 from Trier and Konz and a 36-year-old woman from Trier are suspect. Among other things, they are accused of drug trafficking and are in custody.

The Trier police have warned of two new scams in connection with the corona pandemic. The police said on Wednesday that scammers were targeting both restaurateurs and bank customers on the phone. According to this, unknown persons pretended to inform restaurants and businesses about the applicable Corona regulations on behalf of the authorities. At the end of such an alleged training course, the fraudsters tried to sell the companies paid services.

“The police point out that controls and training in this context are carried out by the responsible veterinary authorities,” it said on Wednesday. “If in doubt, inquire there and do not accept such telephone offers.”

In addition, the Trier police registered calls from alleged bank employees. The scammers told their victims, according to police, that online accounts would have to be checked due to new regulations. You then ask the customer for the account and TAN number.

More shade, more urban greenery, more bicycle traffic: so that the declaration of a “climate emergency” is followed up with action, cities in Rhineland-Palatinate have taken concrete measures to protect the climate in recent months. A year ago (on August 13), Landau was the first municipality in the state to declare the climate emergency. Mainz, Koblenz and Trier followed, among others. These four municipalities are reporting initial successes in the implementation of their projects, but they are also making it clear that the change to a more climate-friendly city is a long-term task.

The focus of the efforts are the areas of traffic and housing. Landau is reorganizing the traffic in the city center, opening up a street in both directions for bicycle traffic and blocking other streets for motorized through traffic. In the next few days, a free shuttle bus will connect several parking spaces with the center, as the city administration announced.

“Then we are currently working towards the” Landau Takt 2022 “, a modern city bus system with at least 20-minute intervals throughout the city,” the town hall continued. In the longer term, 18 bicycle roads, two bridges, a roundabout, an underpass, various parking facilities and a cargo bike funding program are also being considered.

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